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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Maiden Castle Echoscape, English Heritage; Sounds and Memories of Maiden Castle


This audio journey is meant to be downloaded and listened to on a mobile device when walking on top of Maiden Castle.

"Echoscape is an immersive audio experience that connects time, place and imagination".

Listen to the mp3 file

"Maiden Castle has been a focus of imagination for countless people over its history. In this audio experience visitors can listen to the viewpoints of modernist painter Paul Nash, writer Thomas Hardy and Iron Age storyteller Nonna. By exploring their stories within this ancient landscape, Echoscape asks us to consider our own place within Maiden Castle’s ongoing history. The audio experience is 40 minutes long and is suitable for ages 7+. There is no set route to follow but the visitor is encouraged to explore the ancient earthwork as they listen. The piece uses 3D sound and requires headphones".

Mai-Dun, John Ireland (extract)

A poem inspired by Maiden Castle, written when on leave from my posting in Prague, Czechoslovakia, circa 1987:

On Leave After an Illness
(At Forty-Five Degrees)

Gale-force winds on Maiden Castle,
My lungs, restored, blow full again.
Up and down the ancient ramparts
Running, falling, with my son; then
Leaning back against the wind -
Invaders of the hill-fort earthworks,
The grass swept wave-wild like our hair.
Dorchester spread out below us.
Thank God it's Hardy here, not Kafka.
On leave from Prague and airless office -
Breathing deeply, inhaling Dorset,
The old tribal force and fortress-free.


Thomas Hardy, A Tryst at an Ancient Earthwork; A Changed Man -ebooksadelaide

From the biography of her father, William Barnes, by Lucy Baxter:

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