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Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Folk Song from Epirus: Big John (Yiannis/Yiannaros) and the Dragon; Their Struggle on the Marble Threshing-Floor (Το μαρμαρένιο αλώνι)

Στο μαρμαρένιο αλώνι

An Epirot variant of songs deriving from the Akritic Cycle, about the struggle between the Byzantine hero, Dighenis Akritas, and Haros, or the Dragon. In Epirus the hero is called Yianni (Aravantinos, 1880, pp 270-271, speculates in a footnote whether the name Yianni is a simple transformation of Digheni).

From P. Aravantinos, Dimotika Tragoudia tis Ipeirou, Athens, 1880.


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