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Monday, 16 October 2017

Equifax Data Breach - What To Do

More than 15 million people affected by Equifax data breach - from Which?

"Some 15.2 million UK client records were compromised in the cyber-attack on Equifax last month. The credit reporting agency revealed yesterday that more than 690,000 UK consumers are likely to have had sensitive details stolen. These include email addresses, passwords, driving license numbers, phone numbers and partial credit card details".

G. P. R. Pulman, Dialect Poetry, East Devon

An interesting lot sold at auction by Bonhams, 10 November 2009.

PULMAN (GEORGE PHILIP RIGNEY) Vade Mecum of Fly-fishing for Trout; Being a Concise Practical Treatise on that Branch of the Art of Angling, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY.

Sold for £1,020 inc. premium.

A number of "East Devon" dialect poems were published in the Sherborne Journal from 1840.

Pulman, from Aminster, wrote at one point (1st May, 1842; 1842 edition of Rustic Sketches) that his dialect poetry was written in "a sort of medium brogue between the broad Somerset and Dorset, without much tinge of the pure Devon".

George Pulman also wrote as Piscator.

Rustic Sketches: Being Rhymes on Angling and Other Subjects Illustrative of Rural Life, Etc. (1853)

View online here (Hathi Trust)

Online Books by G. P. R. Pulman

Past Posting, Christmas Poem

Catalonia's Separatist Bid

David Rennie, Moderator, VOA - David Rennie of The Economist, along with Linda Feldman of The Christian Science Monitor and Richard Latendresse of the French Canadian broadcaster TVA this Saturday and Sunday on the Voice of America

The Maltese on Corfu, World War II

The fate of the Maltese in Nazi-occupied Corfu, Times of Malta

"German forces occupying Corfu, Greece, sought to deport the Maltese inhabitants to Germany for forced labour in May 1944".

Mary Shelley's Bournemouth Legacy

Frankenstein author Mary Shelley's Bournemouth legacy, BBC Dorset

"Before she died on February 1 1851, one of her last requests was to be buried in Bournemouth, even though she had never lived in the town".

From Dark Dorset

Full fathom five thy father lies.
 Of his bones are coral made.
 Those are pearls that were his eyes.
 Nothing of him that doth fade,
 But doth suffer a sea-change
 Into something rich and strange.
 Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell...

Waiting for Hurricane Ophelia (sorry, Storm Ophelia...); Sahara Dust, Smoke from Fires

So far, only a strange yellow light in the darkly overcast sky. 
Sahara dust? Spanish and Portuguese wildfires? Can't capture it with my camera.